Greene Gets Proffers for Interconnectivity

By. Brent Wilson, Field Officer

At the Greene Board of Supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday, July 22nd the deal was finalized for new proffers to provide vehicular interconnectivity in front of Deer Lake and behind the Food Lion shopping center.

kinvara-sat-image.jpgKinvara Properties, LLC amended their previously approved proffers proffers from  May 13, 2008. The project is located on  39 acres on the west side of Route 29 from the Food Lion shopping center up to Deer Lake that has requested a PUD (Planned Unit Development) on Cedar Grove Road/Seminole Trail (Route 29)/Buck Drive.

While the total residential density requested did not change from the previous approval, the timing of bringing the units online was slightly altered.   A total of 98 units were requested and a proffer of $9,000 per unit was offered for any units above the 46 units authorized by right – potentially 52 additional units totaling $468,000 in proffers  – for a total of 98 units. The key change in the new proffers was to provide interconnectivity through Buck Drive.


The approved 2007 Master Plan for Deerfield Village

Dick Johnson with Blackwell Engineering  outlined the changes. The main entrance would be at Advance Auto on Deer Field Drive and the need for a stop light will be evaluated. A connecting road from Buck Road to Deer Drive would be constructed triggered either by more residential or 25% commercial construction.

frydlChairman Jim Frydl (Midway District)  asked for clarification about meeting VDOT requirements in the future and was assured that roadways constructed would meet VDOT’s current requirements. Supervisor Davis Lamb (Ruckersville District) asked how long the connection between Buck Drive and Deerfield Drive would remain gated and was told it was tied to the commercial development. Attorney Butch Davies and owner Jim Lavin were also present at the meeting.

Frydl explained that this was not a public hearing since one had already been held and this meeting was reviewing changes since that meeting.

Supervisor Eddie Deane (At-Large) clarified that the original proffers were about to expire (after seven years) and new proffers would need to be approved to go forward.

Supervisor Lamb (Ruckersville District) brought up the concern ofdavis_lamb increased traffic turning off Route 29 south into the Advance Auto entrance. Bart Svoboda, Zoning Administrator/Planning Director explained that if volumes grow enough, then the crossover to go northbound could be closed and force traffic to the Route 607 stoplight and require northbound traffic to make a U-turn.

Frydl further stated that the Comprehensive Plan  encourages interconnectivity and the opening of the gate will benefit more people than it might harm.

Supervisor Bill Martin (Stanardsville District) mentioned that he a lot of feedback from his constituents to follow the vote of the Planning Commission, which was to deny the request. He clarified that in speaking with members of the Planning Commission the issue was the lack of cash proffers caused the Planning Commission to vote no. With the replacement of the cash proffers, he supports the project.  Frydl again brought when the gate would be opened and Svoboda confirmed that construction would happen on the Advance Auto side and would not be opened until the construction was complete.

With no further discussion from the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor David Cox (Monroe) proposed that the amended proffers be accepted and the motion passed with a 5-0 vote.

The next item on the agenda was “Matters from the Public” and a resident of Deer Lake stated his disappointment in the decision. He did not want “workforce housing” in his neighborhood.

Brent Wilson is the Greene County Field Officer for the Free Enterprise Forum a privately funded public policy organization.

Photo Credits: Greene County

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  1. Some guy doesn’t want “workforce housing”? He just wants people who work in jobs he disdains to live somewhere else but still provide him services.

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