Upgrade to Southeast Corner in Ruckersville Approved

By. Brent Wilson, Field Officer

The Greene County Board of Supervisors took the first step toward upgrading the intersection of Routes 29 and 33 in Ruckersville on Wednesday, November 12th. Bart Svoboda, Greene’s Zoning Administrator/Planning Director,  outlined the request of Milestone Investment Group, LLC  and George and Suzanne Haney, Jr. who was represented by L J Lopez from Milestone for the public hearing requesting a rezoning of 1.16 acres of the 3.62 acres the two owners have from B-2 to B-3. Parcel 29 and part of parcel 25 are the southern part of the property that borders Route 29 northbound.

Svoboda stated that the property is in an area identified as mixed use per the Comprehensive Plan. B-3 will allow for more options to be considered by the developers. He further explained that the development will allow for the closing of Jennings Loop Road where it intersects Route 33 just east of Route 29. The entry onto Route 33 will be farther east which will eliminate trouble traffic has making a left hand turn onto Route 33. Staff supported the rezoning request and the Planning Commission recommended approval with proffers to close Jennings Loop Road.

Lopez explained that a gas station would be part of the development. He further explained that the B-3 rezoning was requested on the southern part of the property along Route 29 where there is more traffic. B-3 zoning adds the by right use of a Convenient Store and a special use permit option of a Fuel Distribution Center. The hearing then turned to comments from the public. The silence was heard loud and clear – no one asked to speak on the rezoning application.


The four supervisors (Supervisor Eddie Deane was absent) were all supportive of the application and anxious for the development to occur. Supervisor Davis Lamb, Ruckersville District, clarified that the current access to Route 33 will move east. Chairman Jim Frydl, Midway District, felt the development fits the Comprehensive Plan and it would also take care of an unsafe entry on to Route 33.


Supervisor David Cox

Supervisor David Cox’s, Monroe District, only concern was how traffic entering onto Route 29 would be able to get over to be able to make a left hand turn onto Route 33 West. Svoboda assured Cox that the design was within VDOT’s standards.

Supervisor Bill Martin, Stanardsville District, asked about connectivity with parcels to the south. Svoboda said there have been discussions with the owners which Lopez confirmed.

Frydl noted that this project moves Ruckersville toward the current Comprehensive Plan.

Martin stated that this development begins the new “town center” concept in Ruckersville and looks forward to the getting to work. The rezoning application was unanimously approved.


The Free Enterprise Forum’s coverage of Greene County is provided by a grant from the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® and by the support of readers like you.

Brent Wilson is the Greene County Field Officer for the Free Enterprise Forum a privately funded public policy organization.

Photo Credit: Greene County


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