Fluvanna May Quench Zion’s Thirst

By Bryan Rothamel, Field Officer

Could it be?

Could Zion Crossroads actually get a water system?

March 4th the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors have an action item to implement recommendations from the RK&K report and direct the County Administrator to begin finalizing design of the infrastructure and developing policies for ongoing operation of the new water system.

And that’s not all that’s water related on March 4th Agenda.

Supervisors also have the James River Water Authority (JRWA)  service agreement on the docket. That sets up how the JRWA will operate between the two participating counties, Fluvanna and Louisa.

The Zion Crossroads (frequently abbreviated as ZXR in county documents) water system, as recommended by RK&K, is to run from the Department of Corrections (DOC) facility on Route 250, up to Route 15 and a mille down Route 15, heading back towards Palmyra.

It is to include a sewer line going back to DOC to treat the sewer. The agreement with DOC is for 75,000 gallons of treated water per day and 100,000 of treated sewer per day at bulk rates.

The county would build a water distribution system, water booster system, elevated storage tank and 23,000 linear feet of forced main sewer pipe along the same route as the water line. It does not include pump stations or gravity sewer.

The total estimated cost of construction of the water and sewer systems is $4.9 and $2 million, respectively, according to the RK&K recommendation. The system will have to be financed.

In the agenda documents, Fluvanna estimates the annual cost of operating the ZXR water system and JRWA is $250,000.

JRWA service agreement allocates how costs of operating the system and future costs will be delegated.

At the last work session, supervisors briefly had a discussion about the agreement before heading into closed session to discuss ‘investment of funds’ matters. Supervisors have meet in closed session about ‘investment of funds’ several times recently.

The supervisors’ public discussion was on what will happen in regards to future allocation of the permit. Currently it is split 50/50 but if the total amount changes, it could be split by who has the need or usage.

With Louisa closer to using its allotment, Fluvanna could lose allotment if the permit was ever to be decreased or Louisa expands the permit but gets all of the additional allotment.

Supervisors are schedule to act on both items at the March 4 meeting, beginning at 4 p.m. in the Fluvanna Circuit Courtroom.


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Bryan Rothamel covers Fluvanna County for the Free Enterprise Forum


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