Greene BOS Gets Quarterly VDOT Update

VDOT-logo.jpgBy. Brent Wilson, Field Officer

On a quarterly basis,  the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)  Resident Administrator Charlottesville, Joel DeNunzio provides and update on road programs in the region to the Greene County Board of Supervisors.   The district includes Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene and Louisa counties.  On July 14th James Greis, the manager of maintenance for the same district, came before the Greene BOS meeting in place of DeNunzio.

Greis updated the Board on a variety of projects in the county. Of primary importance is the Route 29 and Route 33 intersection. There is a traffic study being conducted on volume of traffic coming eastbound on Route 33 into the intersection and on Route 33 westbound concerning the traffic light. There are three lights on the westbound Route 33 intersection of Route 29 but only two lanes. The left most light is a turn arrow and the other two lights are both for the right hand lane (through traffic and right turn). It is confusing and dangerous – for fear that a driver in the left hand lane may take the middle light as his and signal him that it is ok to make a left hand turn into oncoming through traffic.  Greis reported that the two lights cannot be reduced to one nor can they be moved farther to the right or closer together.

Patch paving on Route 33 west of Stanardsville toward the Shenandoah National Park is being done.  Next spring the entire stretch from Rockingham County to Stanardsville is to be repaved. That same stretch has had a review of replacing the guardrails and the cost has been estimated to be approximately $1 million .

Roger Morris who lives near Geer was the only speaker from the public and his issue concerned parking on Garth Road which blocked his driveway to his home. Chairman David Cox (Monroe District) suggested that Morris and Greis meet after the VDOT segment of the meeting to discuss the issue directly.


Greene Supervisor Davis Lamb (Ruckersville)

Supervisor Davis Lamb (Ruckersville District)returned to the Route 33 westbound lanes at the Route 29 intersection. He again expressed concern about the safety of the turn lane and asked if a turn arrow could be painted in the left lane to clearly identify it as a turn lane.  Greis agreed to follow up on the request.

Supervisor Jim Frydl (Midway District) discussed a speed study be done on Dunnes Shop Road – Route 670.  Greis said that a consensus of the Board was required and it was quickly agreed to move forward.

Brent Wilson is the Greene County Field Officer for the Free Enterprise Forum a privately funded public policy organization.  The Free Enterprise Forum Field Officer program is funded by a generous grant from the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® (CAAR) and by readers like you.  To support this important work please donate online at

Photo Credits: Greene County


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