You Say You Want A Resolution

By. Neil Williamson, President

Adapted from “other matters from the public” comments presented to the Albemarle County Planning Commission March 15, 2016


March 3, 2013 Editorial calling for the end of Cash Proffers

At the very end of last week’s Albemarle County Planning Commission meeting, with just two people in the audience, Deputy County Attorney Greg Kamptner indicated he would be bringing you a resolution of intent to repeal Albemarle’s current cash proffer system (which will be illegal effective July 1, 2016) and to start the process of developing a cash proffer policy that adheres to the new state code.

While such an item did not appear on the online agenda available to the public, the Free Enterprise Forum offers an alternative resolution for your consideration, that I would like to read into the record.


WHEREAS, the Cash Proffer Policy for Public Facilities was adopted as part of the County’s Comprehensive Plan on October 10, 2007 so that all new rezoning that include residential development would pay for the equivalent of their full impact; and

WHEREAS, last Monday evening, March 7th Governor McAuliffe signed SB549 which invalidates Albemarle County’s fundamentally flawed fiscal methodology currently being used to calculate the Cash Proffer Policy for Public Facilities, and

WHEREAS, Cash Proffers are an unreliable, inappropriate ‘welcome stranger’ tax that encourages by right development in direct conflict with Albemarle County’s Comprehensive Plan, and

WHEREAS,  We, the Albemarle County Planning Commission, and the Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee have wasted over eighteen months and failed to yet act on the General Assembly’s 2013 Cash Proffer reforms, and

WHEREAS,  the proffer discussion, while related to planning and development is best heard by the elected Board of Supervisors NOT the Planning Commission.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT for purposes of public necessity, convenience, general welfare and good planning practices, the Albemarle County Planning Commission hereby adopts and forwards a resolution of intent to ask the Albemarle Board of Supervisors to consider amending the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan as deemed necessary in order to achieve the purposes described herein; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Albemarle County Planning Commission asks the Board of Supervisors to expeditiously hold a public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan amendment proposed by this resolution of intent and repeal cash proffers by July 1, 2016.

* * * * *

We ask that you do the unthinkable and tell the Board of Supervisors that you are not political cover nor are you to be used as a delaying tactic, ask the Supervisors to do their job and act on repealing cash proffers by July 1, 2016.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

Respectfully Submitted,

Neil Williamson, President

Neil Williamson is the President of the Free Enterprise Forum, a local government public policy organization located in Charlottesville. The full Contradictory Consequences report can be found at


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