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  1. […] Neil Williamson has a solid editorial at the FEF (as noted on the RealCrozetVA facebook page): — make sure to click through and read the whole thing. […]

  2. John Doe in Crozet | Reply

    Based on this article, CCAC clearly exists to oppose their original charter. This committee operates without oversight from albemarle and is skirting a grey area when it comes to the law.

    Are they requesting proffers from developers? Are they creating minutes without an independent review? Are they having private discussions about developers and developments? Do members have personal economic benefits or risks with development?

    All these things are potentially illegal and unethical.

    If their charter is to “support the implementation of the Master Plan” why does the CCAC oppose every single development? Furthermore, have all members even read the master plan?

    Filling an entire committee with anti-growth NIMBYs represents the worst implementation of what was supposed to be a helpful group to assist the professional planners.

    Not only has CCAC failed their charter, they also are putting the county at risk of breaking the law. The bias and lack of ethics is concerning and deserves a formal review by the county attorney.

    It’s too bad, because the CCAC could be used to help design a better and welcoming community, but they are creating a battleground with development which will benefit no one in the long term.

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