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  1. Hi Neil,

    I heard your comment on WINA this morning stating that the Avoidance Alternative 2 would cost $77 million more than alternative G-1. Yes, the FHWA attorney did throw out the $77 million value, but do you really believe that to be true? A perfectlly reasonable intersection (interchange) improvement that eliminates the 775 foot stub and has the McIntire Road northbound traffic having a ramp under the overpass to head east an westbound US 250 Bypass traffic exiting to McIntire Road south also going under the overpass would appear to be virtually the G-1 design with less cost by removing a fair bit of ramps. How could this alternative be over about three times the cost of G-1?

    I believe the FHWA attorney provided a totally indefensible number and I am disappointed that you simply passed it along rather than reviewed it critically.

    Peter Kleeman

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