The Free Enterprise Forum appears regularly as a voice for positive public policy in local media.

Here are a few links to the most recent appearances.

The Schilling Show 2/20/20 Hour 2: Neil Williamson

Real Estate Matters with Michael Guthrie 22 February 2020 Affordable Housing with Keith Smith and Jerry Miller  Part I  

REM Affordable Housing: the Sequel

Joe Thomas In The Morning 7 February 2020 Housing Affordability/Form Based Code

The Schilling Show

The Schilling Show 4/24/19 Hour 2: Neil Williamson

The Schilling Show 3/28/19 Hour 2: Neil Williamson, Caleb and Lee Gibson

The Schilling Show 25 February 2019

Joe Thomas in The Morning

May 7, 2019 – Albemarle’s Project Enable Economic Development Strategic Plan

April 8, 2019 – TJPDC Regional Affordable Housing Needs Assessment

Charlottesville Right Now

Morning News