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Neil Williamson


Neil Williamson
Neil Williamson

Neil Williamson serves as President and Executive Director of The Free Enterprise Forum, a privately funded public policy organization in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The Free Enterprise Forum is dedicated to fostering communication on a variety of growth, land, and resource management and economic development issues.

As managing editor of The Free Enterprise Forum blog and Forum Watch, the Free Enterprise Forum’s monthly e-mail publication, Williamson regularly challenges local governments, businesses and citizens to expand their vision and consider the unintended consequences of their actions.

Often quoted as a voice in favor of economic freedom, Williamson has been a guest lecturer at The University of Virginia and serves as adjunct faculty to Piedmont Virginia Community College.  He is a regular voice on several local radio programs commenting on local growth and development issues. Williamson’s work has been featured in The Blue Ridge Home Builder, The Daily Progress, C-ville, Chamber Comments, The Real Estate Weekly, The Old Town Crier, The Virginia Wine Gazette, The Virginia Wine Journal  and several other publications. 

Williamson has a degree in Communications from Radford University and has completed additional graduate study at the University of California at Davis. 


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  1. With regard to your op-ed today in the Daily Progress, I was throughly impressed with the clarity of thought contained therein. You laid the issues out well and made a material contribution to the public’s understanding of the policy choices, implicit and explicit, inherent in the planning and zoning processes that deeply affect communities all over the country. Bravo for your efforts.

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